Contemporary dance

Smoke and mirrors

Dim i ogledala

“To obfuscate or embellish the truth of a situation with false or irrelevant facts.”


2015 premijera - 2015-02-18-Intenziteti-premijera-004

This dance and multimedia performance explores the connection between the inner and outer body of a performer while it attempts to define, and even question, these abstract categories.

Magnolia (In Defiance) 

2014 Magnolija (ili prkos) - Magnolia (In defiance) - 2014-05-31-IMRC-Magnolija-ili-prkos-11

The Magnolia (In Defiance) duet is the first full-length work by the IMRC collective. The idea of the performance stems from the textual and visual designs of Vesna Mačković for an imaginary play „Nepokretne“.