PAL42 at Greeting to the Sun

pozdrav Suncu - IMG_5337

As part of the Zadar Dreams festival program, on the morning of July 28, World Nature Protection Day, an extraterrestrial guest named PAL42 materialized at the Greeting to the Sun location.

Pero Kavgić: Going out / Izlazak: Post Festum

Pero Kavgić - Izlazak: Post Festum

If Marina Abramovic is the grandmother of performance art, Kavgic is definitely the grandfather. Pero is 94 years old, and he has talked for a long time about not having a long time left. Before he finally leaves this world, Pero has a message for this same world, he has an opinion on…

Moj govor / Meu discurso / My speech


Brazilian theater artist Robson Catalunha and Croatian multidisciplinary artist Vesna Mačković met in 2017 at the residence of Bob Wilson, New York. Since then they have crossed paths on multiple occassions. In 2019 they brought to stage their first theater work together in São Paulo, Brazil for Festival Satyrianas.

Screen saver

Video stills - 2016 06 MSU fasada vlcsnap 2016 12 27 19h44m07s061

What is our reality?
What is the reality of certain others?
What kind of imagined or virtual worlds are we running to and what are they?

Krleža, stand in line!

Krleza stani u red - poster

This multimedia theater performance thematizes the invisibility of artists today, and was based on the award-winning radio drama of the same name in New York.

Golden medal

premijera - 2017 06 18 premijera Zlatna medalja 141 Ivan Marinkovic_6086

In the performance of the body “Golden medal” Vesna Mačković, with the technical and coaching support of the carefully selected team, challenges several existential questions.In this performance, several gold medals and victory cups will be awarded. It is up to the audience to judge whether recognition and awards are correctly distributed. The entire award ceremony will be accompanied, as befits, by stimulating fan music from the group Radost!.


filmski kadrovi - 2014 06 03 Zeljezara Sisak filmski kadrovi 009

Video performance created in abandoned iron factory space of ‘Željezara Sisak’.

Smoke and mirrors

Dim i ogledala

“To obfuscate or embellish the truth of a situation with false or irrelevant facts.”


2015 premijera - 2015-02-18-Intenziteti-premijera-004

This dance and multimedia performance explores the connection between the inner and outer body of a performer while it attempts to define, and even question, these abstract categories.