THT@MSU 2016

Awarded with 3rd prize at THT@MSU 2016. yearly exhibition of contemporary arts for video performance ‘Salute’.

Awards - THT MSU nagrada 2016 Vesna Mackovic

Location: Museum of Contemporary Art, Zagreb, Hrvatska

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Of the 172 works submitted to the competition this year, the international expert committee (consisting of: Snježana Pintarić, M.Sc., president of the expert committee, director of MSU and museum advisor, Rainald Schumacher, curator, Office for Art, Berlin; Marco Scotini, independent curator, Milan; associate professor Sandra Vitaljić, photographer, Academy of Dramatic Arts, Zagreb; Nataša Ivančević, museum advisor, assistant director and head of the Department of Collections and the Sculpture Collection of the MSU) chose 35 of them, which together with the three invited artists makes the total number of 38 artists who will present their recent works at MSU until March 26, 2016.

The first prize went to Igor Eškinja for the work Architecture of Urbanism worth HRK 50,000. Nela Ružić received the second prize worth HRK 45,000 for the work “Stolen Future”, and Vesna Mačković the third prize worth HRK 40,000 for the installation “Greeting”. Purchased works will become part of the T-HT@MSU collection.