Kikiriki (Peanuts)

music video with the band Radost!, 2017

The musical theme of the play “Golden Medal” by the band Radost!.


Author(s): the initial idea as the theme of the play "Gold Medal" by Vesna Mačković

Video: Ana Opalić

Music: Radost!
Text: Radost! i Vesna Mačković

Vocal: Vesna Mačković

Dimitrij Petrović – def, djembe, ukulele, synth
Branko Bogunović – vocal
Goran Bogunović – ukulele
Dino Kraljeta – gusle, programming

Mixing, mastering and producing: Studio Radost! for Radost!

Makeup and hair for the video: Vanja Kordić Dević

For interviews, guest appearances or other ili +385 99 200 40 40.

Photos (with episodic occurrence of Milan Bandić): Ana Opalić, Silvija Dogan

Concept / Description

The song ‘Kikiriki’ (Peanuts) is a parody of fans anthems created by Vesna Mačković and alternative rock band Radost! as the announcement of Vesna’s theatrical performance ‘Gold Medal’.

Full video


24.05.2017. Kikiriki (Peanuts) – how we filmed /// Music video

Press clippings

Hrvatska uživo – premiere of the play Golden Medal